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            Welcome all friends to {Wuxi Kangxi Plastics Technology Co,Ltd.}       |  RAS       You don.   |    Homepage       English
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            Wuxi Kangxi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is changed from the primary plastic modified technical research and development unit (i.e., Wuxi Likang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.) by increasing the capital and expanding shares and registered at the Wuxi (Huishan) graphene Industrial Development Demonstration Area as a high-tech enterprise engaging in the research and development and sales of engineering plastic modified new material.

            Wuxi Kangxi has researched and developed the plastic modification for almost 20 years and focused on the research and production of modified engineering plastic (PA, PP, PBT, PC+ABS, PVC+ABS, PPO etc.) and the products thereof are mainly applied to the automobile, home appliances, digital appliances, electric tools and recreational facilities. And our company has been audited to conform to the quality management system standard ISO9001.

            Through the comprehensive cooperation with the Sichuan University National Polymer Key Lab, the Sichuan University Wuxi Graphene Polymer Material Application, Research and Development Center and the Graphene Material Preparation Enterprise Sixth Element, Wuxi Kangxi has formed seamless connection among the upstream material preparing enterprise, the national polymer key academic unit and the application and development unit and focused on the modified industrial application of the graphene in engineering plastics such as PA, PC, PS, PPO, PE, PP, PVC with respect to the conductivity, heat conduction and reinforcement.

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